Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shadow Denis "Hello"



is launched, my site for my art.

Max the insane dog. With Doodle

He he is, my pain in the ass dog, anyone want him? He knows he is cute so I guess he is worth keeping.

The Man Porch is gone-On with The Man Garden

It's been a long time...


WOW forgot I had this blog. Too busy with life and stuff.

Any way lets catch up.. Since 2006.

Axel went off to college. He is attending St John's U, in Queens NY.
He is now a in his second year.
In January he is off to Europe to study in Paris, Rome and Spain. Dig that.
Today he is 19 years old.

Alexis is in her last year in High School and looked to go to college to be a nurse.

Annie is in high school and is learning about hard work because of it. Home work that is.

Marie my dear wife "connie" is in and out of NYC with work, but loves her husband because he is so so cool ha

We added another member to the family.. MAX the retarded dog. Max has eaten every sofa cusion and pillow in the house and ehjoys standing on the pool cover to test its strength, moron.
Doodle puts up with it.
Doodle has aged quite a bit since he came along.

My friend Jeremy is getting married 10-31-09 "Good Luck Jeremey"

All caught up.