Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Xmas

It's over, all the long days of searching for the right gifts and wondering if they will arrive on tiime is over.
All in all it was a good Xmas.. The children seemed happy, Although it was more fun when the kids were young. Watching them on xmas morning with their eyes wide open, will always be on my mind each xmas from here on.

There is a special thank you to my wonderful loving wife on this holiday, she is the most caring and sharing person I will ever know, I thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart. You are dreamy. I love her smile.

New Year approches,, what will it bring.. riches,, I hope. I'm going to go out and find it. I want to beable to do more and have more free time. Invent, market something. that is what I will do.

So everyone happy holidays and see you soon


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The swell of the red line,

Ever wake and find your hand is as large as a boxing glove and there is a red line moving its way to your heart. Its a strange feeling. But for me it was not a big deal, People around me found it to be a problem, it made them think all kinds of strange things.. Death, was on the top of the list. GO see a Doctor.. WHY, they will only tell you something that will make you worry and turn into a nervous wreck. WHY. People go to some how have their feels put to rest. Some how its better to know when you will die then to just let die, I guess you get to be more prepared for the lasting event.

Me- I hate Doctors as much as lawyers, dentists, real estate brokers, car sales people and heads of churches.

I went, laid there like a dollar sign along with all the other dollars signs complaining about their illness. There was blood, needles and fear every where. Not I and my dear step daughter. We had a good time listening to the ill folks. I enjoyed telling the doctors and nurses I didn't need them. Should not have done that, I may have gotten out of there in half the time.
Example: The nurse hooks me up to the iv then tells me it will take an hour for me to suck up all the juice they had in that bag. We as Annie and I watched it drip slowly, it was over in 7 minutes. When the nurse came back I gave her a smile and said "an hour ha ha" Now let me out of here. NO you have to wait to see if your blood tests say your alive.

Tick tick.. eyes getting heavy for both Annie and me..

Doc shows up after 1 1/2 hours of being some where he shouldn't have been.. tells me the white blood cells are a bit high. OKAY. can I go now.. YES.. Thank you.

Take these papers to the release desk and pay for you visit.

Oh My Goodness.. what did you say? how much? for what, renting space is in high rates in hospitals.. Amazing.. well someone has to buy those expensive cars and houses. But they are there to help people. Devil sucking leaches.

To make it all worst they made sure I would have to come back today. They didn't give me enough medicine to take me through the sickness. They want me to come back and waste time so they can fill out another form that no one human could read and then make me wait at some CVS to get my drugs. All of this could have been done over the phone.

Well I will live and it will be another 30 years until I go back to one of them.

Don't get the swell and red line.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Turkey Day gone with the wind.

Oh yeah, another turkey day gone. Amazing how the build up to a holiday is so long in coming. Then once it is upon us it is history. Depending on what you do during a holiday makes the memories. This turkey day for me will be remembered for the peace and quite my wife and I shared, Yes there were times of bordom but it was good bordom.
Things were done around the house to make us feel more room in our cozy home.
So remember when the next holiday arrives, enjoy every moment.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday is here...

That's right it is Thursday, Many new things going on. The sun is almost out. has been for a few day after 11 days of rain. But we get to look forward to rain on the weekend. My son is supposed to play 4 baseball games this weekend. That may not happen. I hope they don't let them play in the rain. Coaches can be fools that way.

Things are looking good on the movie script, a plot seems to be forming nicely now. Not a exciting as I hoped but something may pop into the mind soon. I was going to work on it this morning, but there is no inspiration. Much of the cast met last night. not much done on it. I think we all maybe getting a bit tied of hanging every Wed night. so I think a break is in order.

My Ex is having problems dealing with my daughter, they don't see eye to eye. My Ex has found the Lord. Her family has a history of finding the Lord later in life and taking it to far. From one extreme to another. Lazy people is what I call people who do that. Scared because they did nothing in their lives so now they reach for what ever they can get.

Work is boring, I am glad the movie project is happening, other wise I would be loosing it.

My wife is having medical problems, I worry about how she will handle it, I think she will be fine. She is one tough woman.

Yhe world series is set for this Sat Oct-22-05 Texas Astro's vs Chicago White Socks.. Socks should take care of business. we can't have a RED state winning the world series.

Alright time to work.


Friday, October 14, 2005

Fingers ( phalanges)

The phalanges are fourteen in number, three for each finger, and two for the thumb. Each consists of a body and two extremities.

Love that word, phalanges... its one of the best.. I like to use it when ever I get a chance. Like this morning when I smashed my finger in the car do, I looked at my daughter Damn I messed up my phalange.
Words are good,

My favorite word is used often, mainly because there are so many times it can be used,, MORON... our current President picture comes up when you do a search for moron. I can't think of anyone more deserving of the name.
Many people I work with can have that word attached along with their name.
Sometimes I call people that and they think I am just kidding.. But we know better.

Just some thought on words.

I have a deep desire to get down to NYC and see humans.. Its amazing that I live less than an Hour from NYC and there are so many hicks, un-creative, lost people/moron's. How can that be. We have some of the most expensive towns in the country up here, full of YUPPIES from NYC who have moved up here to raise their children far away from the "Black folks" its sick. I feel sorry for their kids. drives me nuts. Any how, I'd like to get down there and get the creative juices flowing again. Also scout out the movie location..

got to work now..

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good Morning All

First things first,, every thing with the kids worked out okay yesterday,, Thanks to quick thinking on my sons part and my daughter had it all taken care of.. and My dear wife took great care in making sure they were all home.

AM- Thursday_Here we are in the fog again, weather is what I am speaking of. The trird day of fog.. Nasty fog. Thick wet fog.
This is what life hands us this week. nothing exciting about it, nothing we will remember. But hay you never know.

Last night was the night out with the gang. chatting, laughing feeling no pain. Why is it when you go out you have fun and than the next day you feel like -why did I do that- Why can't it be just as enjoyable the next morning. Just another one of Lifes little torture treatments.
The bar was dead last night when our group of Wednesday folks arrived,, which means only one thing, the bar tender will want to close early. Which she did. But our Kat took great care in her Wednesday night group. She got down on her knees and tried to even out our crap table that rocked like a boat in high seas. She brought me a beer on ice. She kept a close watch on her group, making sure we left happy. As we did. Of course it was to early for me to go home, So I did light arm twisting on my buddies arms and we went on to the next Wednesday night home. Nothing much happening there, We sat outside chatted about our project (movie) that we plan to get moving on soon, Can't get into that now, can't give it up yet. Then we left.

Now it is morning and I am at work, there will be panic at the office because the people I work with can't think things thru before they act. It will be little things that gets them upset. I think they need that, I think they have no life so they have to make problems that they can complain about to their spouses at the dinner table. How their spouses must hate that.

Do not fear I will keep you up todate on the days events. Because sometimes life hands you...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Some times life...

Another day passes and a new one begins, as you wake in the AM you think back on the past day. Depending on the pain or the joy if offered you go onto this new day. Then you wonder what it will bring.

For me it is always a surprise. You see when you have many other people depending on you; their moods will create your day.
Today my children, wife woke to good feelings. They were excited for the day to start. I took them to school. Everything seemed to be going good.

Kissed my wife good day.. and then...

I realize I forgot to give the children lunch money. Damn. I worry about them not eating. What will they do? Hopefully they will get money from a friend. But today my daughter is on a field trip. SO what will she do? Hmmm Damn.

Then the phone rings. Never a good sign when the kids aren't around, since the phone only rings for them.
I pick it up "hello" its my ex's boy friend. A nice enough man, good when he is with my children.. The tone in his voice is quite laid back. He asks me are you around this coming weekend? I think to myself oh shit something is wrong.
You see my ex is into her self and likes to fantasize about life. She likes to think of herself and everyone else last. She is "finding herself" She has been gone the past week at her Yoga hideaway. Well it turns out she is up seeing her ex-boy friend. And the man her boyfriend is upset and needs this weekend to spend alone to talk to her. Fine I tell him no problem. He asks me questions about her ( I try to stay away from any comunicating with her boy friends) and all I can say is I never trusted her and she only loves herself.

Anyway. Boring to you. But you see if my children go through another relationship with their mother I fear they will be lost forever. My mind and body is consumed with worry over this. I have anger towards her and fear. How do I get it through her our life now is about the children. That we have to sit back sometimes and take what ever to keep the children's minds consumed with education and being children.

I don't know why but sometimes life...

Work Question

My work question of the day is..

Why can't co-workers open their eyes and do their jobs.

It seems people love to spend time chatting, walking around lost in space. I would love to walk up to them and ask them if they have any idea what they are doing in life.

No matter where I have worked, people waste time having meeting, changing there minds etc. and it is worst now with the internet, People read things and think to themselves "hey maybe that is the way I should do it" THINK FOR YOURSELF and stick to it. They may be amazed at what their minds can come up with.

It's never the straight line to a problem, always the long way around it.

enjoy your co-workers,, try and find on who can think for themself.