Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Xmas

It's over, all the long days of searching for the right gifts and wondering if they will arrive on tiime is over.
All in all it was a good Xmas.. The children seemed happy, Although it was more fun when the kids were young. Watching them on xmas morning with their eyes wide open, will always be on my mind each xmas from here on.

There is a special thank you to my wonderful loving wife on this holiday, she is the most caring and sharing person I will ever know, I thank you Marie from the bottom of my heart. You are dreamy. I love her smile.

New Year approches,, what will it bring.. riches,, I hope. I'm going to go out and find it. I want to beable to do more and have more free time. Invent, market something. that is what I will do.

So everyone happy holidays and see you soon


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The swell of the red line,

Ever wake and find your hand is as large as a boxing glove and there is a red line moving its way to your heart. Its a strange feeling. But for me it was not a big deal, People around me found it to be a problem, it made them think all kinds of strange things.. Death, was on the top of the list. GO see a Doctor.. WHY, they will only tell you something that will make you worry and turn into a nervous wreck. WHY. People go to some how have their feels put to rest. Some how its better to know when you will die then to just let die, I guess you get to be more prepared for the lasting event.

Me- I hate Doctors as much as lawyers, dentists, real estate brokers, car sales people and heads of churches.

I went, laid there like a dollar sign along with all the other dollars signs complaining about their illness. There was blood, needles and fear every where. Not I and my dear step daughter. We had a good time listening to the ill folks. I enjoyed telling the doctors and nurses I didn't need them. Should not have done that, I may have gotten out of there in half the time.
Example: The nurse hooks me up to the iv then tells me it will take an hour for me to suck up all the juice they had in that bag. We as Annie and I watched it drip slowly, it was over in 7 minutes. When the nurse came back I gave her a smile and said "an hour ha ha" Now let me out of here. NO you have to wait to see if your blood tests say your alive.

Tick tick.. eyes getting heavy for both Annie and me..

Doc shows up after 1 1/2 hours of being some where he shouldn't have been.. tells me the white blood cells are a bit high. OKAY. can I go now.. YES.. Thank you.

Take these papers to the release desk and pay for you visit.

Oh My Goodness.. what did you say? how much? for what, renting space is in high rates in hospitals.. Amazing.. well someone has to buy those expensive cars and houses. But they are there to help people. Devil sucking leaches.

To make it all worst they made sure I would have to come back today. They didn't give me enough medicine to take me through the sickness. They want me to come back and waste time so they can fill out another form that no one human could read and then make me wait at some CVS to get my drugs. All of this could have been done over the phone.

Well I will live and it will be another 30 years until I go back to one of them.

Don't get the swell and red line.