Thursday, August 31, 2006

2006 School is on.

Poor babies are back in school. Another year of hell for the kids. They get to carry 80lbs of books around because the School systems are so ^#*^&@ up that technology has not set in there small minds.

WHY the HELL are the books not on CD or on-LIne ?????

Some explain this to me. Is it because there hands are in the pockets of the printing industry? Hmmm

Any way,, there is more fun that goes with the new year, the 4 hours of home work each night, because the teacher now adays are to lazy to teach in school. Here you go kids, read this in class then go home and answer all these question.

You got it, I hate the school system in America, Teachers want tons of money to teach the children. Then layback on vacation.

Well lets make the best of it, try not to loose it. But one thing for sure that I am going to do is go to some of the bullshit school meetings and get some questions answered.

Hate School, no wonder the drop out rate is so high.



Anonymous said...

They probably have to go to school and be totured so they don't write "there" instead of their or "to" instead of too.

Anonymous said...

Additionally, the reason books aren't online yet is because having books in hard copy makes it easier to learn (if you are actually doing the work). It makes it easier to hone your attention to specific sections that are important or that you need to focus on if you are able to highlight and take notes directly on the page. There's still a place for print in this world. If you are trying to do all of your work, it would eventually hurt your eyes to be staring at a computer screen all day. Chances are that in the working world, kids will have to grow up and look at a computer screen all day, spare them that while they're young.