Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good Morning All

First things first,, every thing with the kids worked out okay yesterday,, Thanks to quick thinking on my sons part and my daughter had it all taken care of.. and My dear wife took great care in making sure they were all home.

AM- Thursday_Here we are in the fog again, weather is what I am speaking of. The trird day of fog.. Nasty fog. Thick wet fog.
This is what life hands us this week. nothing exciting about it, nothing we will remember. But hay you never know.

Last night was the night out with the gang. chatting, laughing feeling no pain. Why is it when you go out you have fun and than the next day you feel like -why did I do that- Why can't it be just as enjoyable the next morning. Just another one of Lifes little torture treatments.
The bar was dead last night when our group of Wednesday folks arrived,, which means only one thing, the bar tender will want to close early. Which she did. But our Kat took great care in her Wednesday night group. She got down on her knees and tried to even out our crap table that rocked like a boat in high seas. She brought me a beer on ice. She kept a close watch on her group, making sure we left happy. As we did. Of course it was to early for me to go home, So I did light arm twisting on my buddies arms and we went on to the next Wednesday night home. Nothing much happening there, We sat outside chatted about our project (movie) that we plan to get moving on soon, Can't get into that now, can't give it up yet. Then we left.

Now it is morning and I am at work, there will be panic at the office because the people I work with can't think things thru before they act. It will be little things that gets them upset. I think they need that, I think they have no life so they have to make problems that they can complain about to their spouses at the dinner table. How their spouses must hate that.

Do not fear I will keep you up todate on the days events. Because sometimes life hands you...

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