Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday is here...

That's right it is Thursday, Many new things going on. The sun is almost out. has been for a few day after 11 days of rain. But we get to look forward to rain on the weekend. My son is supposed to play 4 baseball games this weekend. That may not happen. I hope they don't let them play in the rain. Coaches can be fools that way.

Things are looking good on the movie script, a plot seems to be forming nicely now. Not a exciting as I hoped but something may pop into the mind soon. I was going to work on it this morning, but there is no inspiration. Much of the cast met last night. not much done on it. I think we all maybe getting a bit tied of hanging every Wed night. so I think a break is in order.

My Ex is having problems dealing with my daughter, they don't see eye to eye. My Ex has found the Lord. Her family has a history of finding the Lord later in life and taking it to far. From one extreme to another. Lazy people is what I call people who do that. Scared because they did nothing in their lives so now they reach for what ever they can get.

Work is boring, I am glad the movie project is happening, other wise I would be loosing it.

My wife is having medical problems, I worry about how she will handle it, I think she will be fine. She is one tough woman.

Yhe world series is set for this Sat Oct-22-05 Texas Astro's vs Chicago White Socks.. Socks should take care of business. we can't have a RED state winning the world series.

Alright time to work.


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